How to download domain name registration service tax invoice how to check valid service tax number in india

For Printing your Invoices, Receipts please follow following steps.


For verifying any company service tax registration number you may visit and enter Servcie Tax Number in Assessee Code box: .


[1] Visit Login Page and Sign In to the control panel by entering your registered Email * id and Password *.


[2] Select My Account from the drop-down menu:

Select > My Account


[3] Select List/Search Transactions from My Billing drop-down menu:

My Billing > List/Search Transactions


[4] Click on the Description Column Details for printing your Invoices, Debit Notes or Receipts.



In India there are so many other companies which will be charging service taxes from their customers but they
are not depositing it to tax department authority. Please stay away yourself from these kind of companies in National Interest and play active role in nation building.